Change Log for


During the last month the following new features have been added:
- Event Calendar to web site
- Suggest an Event link
- Auto add FSD-212 reports from sacvalleyares time sheets
- Manual entry of FSD-212 reports if ECs keep records on paper
- FSD-98 Report for Section EC collect data from each FSD-212 report
- Information and a web page on using FLmsg and Outpost to send form data digitally


- Added IS 100 (ICS) to Capabilities page
- Modified Print Photo Roster for Event to display 2 photos per row

2/16/14 - Add print Photo Roster of your group to member's options
2/15/14 - Took and uploaded Sacramento ARES members taken at meeting 2/14 photos named call-sign.jpg
2/14/14 - Added abilitiy to email and text message members of each ares group..
- Fixed a bug in export CSV file of member info.
2/714 - Net Times and Net End times are automatically filled into Log form Default 30 minutes
2/6/14 - Added field to FSD-212 info with net start times
- Added EC and DEC contact info during display of maps
2/3/14 - Fixed Typos
1/16/14 - Fixed bug in the diplay of VE status in Update Prefs
1/15/14 - Added the Web Site Overview to the "Presentations" directory under training.
1/12/14 - Added Export Member Data as a CVS or Tab separated file

- Added Comm Trailer / Van and Volunteer Examiner to capabiities
- Fixed bug with Very long password (passwords up to 50 characters are now allowed)
- Replaced ARES registration from with a nicer one from Eric, KG6BZT
- Fixed link to Ares Reg form on "Join ARES page"
- Changed Description of work detail on FSD-212 to no wrap
- Added "Report Problems & Change Log Page under home menu
- Added Change Log as a iframe to "Report a problem"