It is time to start planning for winter storms and flooding.

One of ARES's key served agencies the Red Cross. The Gold Coast Region of Red Cross headquarters is where the Disaster Operations Center (DOC) is located in Sacramento across from Cal Expo.

If ARES is called up to support Red Cross communication, it is likely we will be passing traffic to the DOC.

In the Valley it is possible to pass some of the traffic via voice, but if requisition lists and traffic are great than about 40 words needs to be passed we need to be ready to send that traffic digitally. The DOC has a Winlink address of If using winlink express you can just address the message to KA6ARC.

As ARES members we need to be ready to meet the operational task of passing the messages.

Winlink is an excellent way to send traffic to the DOC and or a served agency email address.
One of the many advantages of Winlink is that it has many built in forms that help structure messages to pass the needed information.
Winlink messages can be sent via VHF/UHF or HF.

Working with Michael Joesph KK6ZGB who will be assigned to the Red Cross DOC, we’d like to find out what counties will be able to send Winlink messages to Red Cross

Please have any / all ARES members in your group who use Winlink, please have them send a Winlink message to the call sign :
KA6ARC or the full address

We’d like to have multiple Winlink contacts in each county in the Sacramento Valley Section

Please include this information in your message:

Call sign:
Winlink Gateway used:

I’d appreciate if you could CC Greg KG6SJT in your message so he can track the information.

Getting Started with Winlink

Retun to