Getting Started with Winlink

Ideally every ARES member should have some familiarity with Winlink to send messages and support Red Cross.

For those members that have not used Winlink, here’s some info on getting started with Winlink.

If you have any questions re VHF Winlink, feel free to ask!


1. Download Winlink Express (you need a windows computer)

2. Register and obtain a winlink account

• Download, install and configure any client software. We suggest Winlink Express. Study its help about installation and use.
• Using Winlink Express, follow the account creation instructions presented by the program, and ignore what follows. Winlink Express makes the process easy. If you use another client, proceed...
• Connect with the system (send a message) to create your account. Do not use a password on your first connection. Your radio email address is A message containing your password will be sent to your account. Retrieve it with a second connection. Secure login will now be enforced by the CMS so, be sure to set your password in your client program.
• At any time, use the form (lower right on the 'My Account' page) to have a password re-sent to your account address. Retrieve it using your client program.
• Go to 'My Account' from the menu. Use your callsign as your username, and password to log in. You can change your password once you're logged in.
• Click the 'edit' tab. Be sure to edit your account settings and set a password recovery address!

Here are some good video training resources:

RMS Express Packet (Very good introduction)

"Sound Modem TNC for VHF Packet in Winlink Express"

What Is Winlink? (Good introduction using a kpc3)

There is also information on Winlink at

Digital messaging : Packet, Fldigi, & Winlink

Digital messaging : FLmsg & Red Cross forms

Retun to