The Red Cross Message Utility

Jim Piper N6MED, American Red Cross liaison to amateur radio, has prepared a zip file containing the "The Red Cross Message Utility".

The Red Cross Message Utility (“flmsg”) is primarily intended to create messages for transmission by radio when cell phone and Internet is unavailable. However, it can be used to create and print out messages locally.

This zip file contains the latest version of Flmsg, nine custom Red Cross forms, and directions for use.

Place the zip file can be installed on a thumb drive so you always have the utility and the forms when needed.

Download the Red Cross Message Utility "flmsg Deployment Flash"

Presentation - overview on using the Red Cross forms for Flmsg

*** Update! July 19, 2017

A n ew version of Flmsg has been posted

New version of Flmsg has been posted
The Red Cross Templates are designed to wrk with Flmsg. The new version of Flmsg adds new features to facilitate saving files to be sent by radio operators..


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