Volunteering at Red Cross Location

During large disaster responses the Red Cross May need to open shelters, the operations Center, distribution centers and assist in a new location called a Temporary Evacuation Point (TEP). The California Gold Country Region will be asking for Amateur Radio support in many of these locations.

Before you volunteer please be comfortable working in areas with other people. Regardless of our best efforts, the Red Cross cannot guarantee everyone will follow masking and social distancing policies.

Everyone entering any Red Cross Location will be screened.
1. You will be asked,
a) Do you or anyone in your household currently have a fever, cough or any difficulty breathing?
b) Have you or anyone in your household been in close contact with a person having a Confirmed case of COVID-19?
c) Are you or anyone in your household a Health Care worker caring for a person with a Confirmed Case of COVID-19?
2. You will be checked for a temperature above 99.5
If you answer yes to any of the above questions, please do not volunteer

Shelters will be smaller.
1. Red Cross Staffs will be smaller
2. More shelters may be needed which means more radio operators may be needed.

Radio Operators will need:
1. A power supply that will last for as long as you are in operation. (locations such as TEP’s May not have electricity)
2. A mobile radio and power supply is recommended.
3. A computer with Winlink and FLDGI/FLMSG is strongly recommended but notrequired.
4. If all you have is an HT, please have an adequate power supply and an antenna that reaches out longer distances.
5. The current Red Cross ICS 205, Radio Channel Plan. ( located on Sacramento Valley ARES Web Page)
6. Drinks and snacks are highly recommended and since we are in the warm time of year you will need ice to keep everything cool.

Thank you in advance for your help during these times! As always, the American Red Cross CA Gold Country Region is very grateful for your support in our overall mission and especially during these times!

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