Changes to the Winlink Standard Forms

Some forms due to limited or local use have been removed from the Auto-update process of Standard Templates. However, they are still available for individual download and manual installation into your Global > Templates directory.

Go here to read more, and download!

The next internet update will have a much smaller zip pack, take less time to download and has many local/limited use templates moved for manual installation.

Since these forms rarely see changes, once downloaded you should not have to do it again for some time. Future local/specialty forms may be added to this process if not for the Standard Library. At this time there is no way to auto-update the process for the removed forms.

If a previous template is not in version .150 templates zip pack, it will be in the appropriate folder.
Just download and install per the instructions.

DO NOT unzip into the Standard Templates directory as they can cause issues and will be deleted upon next auto-update via the internet.

Quick Guide: Downloading and Installing Non-Standard Winlink Forms


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